Bangkok Flooded – Thailand Forum

Bangkok Flooded – Thailand Forum. must be the biggest Internet forum for expatriate Westerners to exchange information and, yes, complain. It has an enormous amount of content but the quality is variable.

When I first came here I tried to renew my visa without the aid of an attorney. I got confused about what documents Immigration wanted and asked on-line. I got a large amount of feedback, some good and others just plain wrong.

This article about flooding in Bangkok is perennial, unfortunately. The whole city isn’t under water but large areas do flood when it rains. And it rained heavily on Sunday night.

Indeed the soi outside my apartment regular floods to a depth of almost a foot (estimate). Motorcycles and cars can still drive but it must be awful to walk through. All the houses have a ramp up to their front doors.

Here’s a photo I posted to Flickr in June about it:

Flooding in the Soi

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2 Responses to “Bangkok Flooded – Thailand Forum”

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    […] rotten today. It’s easy for me to pontificate from the safety and luxury of the apartment high above it all with electricity and clean […]

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    […] There’s not much photography I can do when it is raining like this. I shot a quick photo from the apartment window. I am thinking of the people who have to work outside in the rain like the motorcycle taxi drivers. As usual the soi outside the apartment is flooding fast. […]

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