Bangkok Bank Internet Banking Error

I tried to pay my apartment rent this morning using Bangkok Bank’s online banking service. I wanted to set up a new monthly transfer with my revised (lower!) rent.

I’ve done this for three years now and have not had a problem. But this morning Bangkok Bank’s web site was in a bad mood. I attempted the transfer but it just sat there for about five minutes then returned this error.

Bangkok Bank Error

“An error occurred while generating a transfer from this model.” What the !!! does that mean?

I did not have time to check further so I went to my meeting worried. But when I got home I logged in again and the transfer was “pending”. So it worked.

I don’t know what went wrong. It proves one of my maxims – internet tools are great when they work – it saved me going to a branch, lining up and talking to a teller. But when the tools fail they are far worse than the old way.If the teller’s computer failed he’d have had the responsibility of fixing it. But when internet banking fails, it is the customer’s responsibility.

It is a frustrating paradox and probably inevitable with technology.

Notice how this screen shot (which contains no confidential data) is from Internet Explorer. Bangkok Bank only works with IE. It refuses to work with Firefox or Chrome.


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One Response to “Bangkok Bank Internet Banking Error”

  1. BKKPhotographer Says:

    Bangkok Bank did make two transfers when they should have made only one. Now I have to contact the landlord and make sure he’s received the September rent twice. If he agrees then I don’t have to pay rent until November.

    None of this would happened if I’d done it the old way and queued up at a branch.

    Sometimes I hate computers.

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