Lightroom External Editing Preferences

Lightroom External Editing Preferences

Chris Orwig’s Lightroom Training drew my attention to Lightroom’s External Editing Preferences. I wondered if I had the best setup. I opened the dialog box and was bemused by Adobe’s explanations.

I find it surprising that a) PSD can be less efficient than TIFF with respect to metadata updates and b) If I don’t use the ‘maximize compatibility’ option when saving a PSD file in Photoshop Lightroom won’t be able to read the file.

What’s up? Aren’t Lightroom and Photoshop from the same company? Are there secrets that the Photoshop team keeps from the Lightroom team? How can a generic format like TIFF be more efficient at metadata updates than PSD when Adobe controls both ends?

What do I lose if I maximize compatibility in Photoshop? If it is an option there must be a downside to using it. Perhaps a performance penalty next time I open the file in Photoshop. Is this explained properly anywhere?

Inquiring minds need to know!


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