I’ll Fix it in Post


“Post” is another of those jargon words that make me wince. It’s short for post-production or post-processing. I.e. fiddling around in Lightroom or Photoshop to correct the mistakes I made whenI took the photo.

I think it is most used in the film and video industry but still photographers use it too.

I agree with the article most of the time. No amount of “sharpening” in Photoshop will correct an out-of-focus picture, or one where I didn’t get the subject’s head in the frame …

Damn, Damn, Damn!

But there are a two things I don’t worry about when I am taking pictures in RAW format:

  1. White balance. I use “auto” on the camera and I can change it at will in Lightroom with no penalty.
  2. Canon Picture Style. I use “standard” all the time. Lightroom emulates Canon’s Picture Styles for Raw and DNG files – again without penalty.

I know I can fix these in “post”.

Within limits I don’t worry too much about framing or exposure.

If I have plenty of high quality pixels I can crop the picture in Lightroom or Photoshop.

It’s hard to judge a correctly exposed picture on the camer’s LCD screen. Raw files have a lot of exposure latitude and I can adjust a picture a stop plus or minus with little quality penalty. Yes, it is always better to expose correctly the first time. I’ll bracket exposures if I have time.

But I don’t always have time and so I think it is best to get an in focus shot of what I want even if it is badly framed and a bit over- or under-exposed than miss the picture altogether.


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