AutoCopy :: Add-on for Firefox

AutoCopy :: Add-on for Firefox.

Firefox AutoCopy Add-on

I’m always copying snippets of text from web pages to use on this blog or something else I am writing. This little add-on makes it a bit easier. Every time I select some text it presses Ctrl-C for me and copies it to the clipboard. It only works for text – not images.

It has a useful right-click menu that includes:

  • Undo copy
  • Previous clipboards – a history!
  • Paste to location bar
  • Paste to search bar
  • Search for (whatever is selected)
  • Open in new tab (assuming you’ve selected a URL)
  • Append URL to clipboard

My only problem with Firefox add-ons is that they are very sensitive to the Firefox version. Firefox wants to update itself almost weekly and I almost always get an error message about incompatible add-ons I have installed.

It’s another of those things that make using a PC more complex and stressful than I like. I like to minimize the number of add-ons and utilities I install – but they grow inexorably over time. I lost the lot when my old laptop’s drive crashed and it was nice to start from scratch.

I found a problem with Auto Copy when composing blog posts. When I want to add a URL I usually find the page I want in another browser tab and copy the URL from the address bar. Then I return to the editing window, select the text and insert the link.

But with Auto Copy it replaces what I just put on the clipboard with the text I’d selected in the post. That caused me to wonder what was up until I remembered Auto Copy. The work around is to select the text first and open the link creation window. Then go to the other tab and copy the URL.

Aren’t side effects wonderful‽


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One Response to “AutoCopy :: Add-on for Firefox”

  1. BKKPhotographer Says:

    I uninstalled Autocopy. It gets confusing because it always replaces the clipboard contents. Of course it doesn’t work across all apps to I have to think what might be on the clipboard. It only saves me one Ctrl-C so it isn’t worth it.

    It’s probably great for people weaned on other systems – I recall all X-Windows apps copied selected text to the clipboard – but I’m used to the Windows explicit copy procedure. I must have been typing Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V for 30 years.

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