Win A Canon 5DMKII « Photofocus

Win A Canon 5DMKII « Photofocus.

Canon EOS-5D Mark II

What’s the catch? This blogger wants to encourage people to follow him on Twitter. He’s giving a Canon EOS-5D Mark II body away as an incentive.

It must be tied to a marketing program, mustn’t it? Otherwise, who has that kind of money to give away?


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One Response to “Win A Canon 5DMKII « Photofocus”

  1. BKKPhotographer Says:

    I looked at the Photofocus site. He has a lot of advertising and re-publishes information available elsewhere. Nothing wrong with that of course, but he doesn’t always add a lot of value.

    I liked this simple checklist’s-short-and-sweet-shooting-session-6-10-key-factors-to-a-good-photograph/ of factors for a good photograph. It’s easy to forget the basics.

    He shows a comparison between a photo shot with a compact and one shot with a Canon EOS-5D Mark 2. At web size and resolution they look identically good. Of course he is glossing over so much but the point is valid. I have no desire for a 5D mark 2 to take better pictures. My only equipment wish is for some faster lenses, and that isn’t urgent. Most of all I need more practice, education and skill.

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