Flickr’s Got Hiccups Again

I wanted to upload a copy of the Foodland menu to Flickr. I got a new-to-me error message from Jeff Friedl’s Flickr Plugin for Lightroom:

Flickr API Service Not Currently Available

Flickr API Service Not Currently Available

I looked at Flickr in my browser and got the famous

Hold your clicks a moment please…
Flickr has the hiccups. We’re looking into the problem right now.

with no explanation as to why or for how long. It’s 10pm in California which is probably a busy time.



4 Responses to “Flickr’s Got Hiccups Again”

  1. fonktok69 Says:

    Maybe they’re all busy looking a “creepy” photostreams!

  2. planetcity1 Says:

    My guess is that everyone’s uploading their vacation pics. I too have run into that error message a couple of times within the past few weeks so it’s not just your location being affected.

    • BKKPhotographer Says:

      You are most likely correct. Uploads are probably the most demanding on Flickr’s network, but they deal with so much else. Searches must be expensive too. They accept video as well as stills.

      I did a quick check and Flickr said it received 5,488 uploads in the last minute. The numbers they deal with are awesome (in the real sense of the word.)

      Still, I think they could help themselves by being clearer and less cute about their information messages. Not everybody has a (W Coast) American sense of humour.

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