Top Searches

I am amused that many of the top searches on this blog as reported by WordPress are about problems with ACDSee. Three of the top five searches that ended up on this blog are about the software:

  1. acdsee 2.5 fail to load
  2. acdsee has encountered a system error and will close now
  3. injecting tags lightroom database
  4. cooliris dng
  5. acdsee pro database rebuild

I think that shows there are a lot of users out there with problems. As I said before, I truly wanted to love ACDSee – but it was too unreliable. They lost me as a customer and I fear they’re losing many more. Sad.


One Response to “Top Searches”

  1. BKKPhotographer Says:

    My top searches today are:

    dvla vehicle enquiry,
    acdsee 2.5 launch problem,
    backup lightroom preview synctoy,
    lightroom database mysql,
    mehdi kaleidoscope plugin art

    Not so ACDSee focused.

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