Stacking a Panorama in Lightroom

This is one way I use stacks of pictures in Lightroom’s Library module.

I often make panoramas of Bangkok’s Skytrains. I like their varied advertising colours. Each panorama is four or five pictures, taken from about the middle of the opposite platform.

When I make a panorama, usually using Adobe Photoshop CS4, I make a stack of the pictures. The easiest way is to select them all and press Ctrl-G (on a PC). The active (“most selected”) picture is at the top of the stack. For me that is the left-most picture.

I make sure I have completed keywording and geocoding the pictures while the stack is expanded. If I don’t Lightroom applies my changes only to the top picture. Grrr.

Then I expand the stack by clicking on the two parallel lines to the left of the top picture and invoke the Photoshop “Merge to panorama…” function in the Lightroom Photo menu.

I save the panorama back to the same directory as its parts, adding the keyword “panorama”. Then I add the panorama to the top of the stack by moving it over the top picture.

When I collapse the stack all I see is the panorama, but I know I can access its components easily.

Simple but effective.

How I Use Lightroom Stacks

How I Use Lightroom Stacks


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