My Lightroom Library Top 10 Enhancement Requests

Here is my top ten list of enhancements I’d like to see in the Library Module of Lightroom.

  1. Scalability. I want to be able to store every photo I have ever taken or will take in one Lightroom Catalog. I like the Thumbs Plus approach: work with any database that supports ODBC.
  2. Keywording. Make it an option that you have to declare keywords before you use them.
  3. User Fields. Again a Thumbs Plus excellent feature. Enable the user to define typed name-value pairs that can be applied to each photograph. Support data validation rules. Enable them to be used in searches and Smart Collections. Allow them to be embedded in a picture’s XMP metadata – perhaps as typed keywords like aerotags.
  4. Reporting. Allow the user to define reports on the database. This could be solved by publishing the schema, supporting an ODBC driver and supporting links to products like Microsoft Access and Excel.
  5. Calendar View. I liked the ACDSee Pro feature that allowed me to view my photos on a calendar view by Day, Month or Year.
  6. Programmability. Sorry Adobe, LUA was not a good choice for user interface and addin development. It is too obscure and the syntax is awful. Consider supporting something more mainstream, like Javascript.
  7. User Interface. Enable me to move the panels around independently of the main window. (Maybe their dual monitor support solves this, but I don’t have that luxury). They could borrow from the Photoshop CS4 u.i. design with its tabbed windows and dockable pallets. While you are doing it, allow me to define my own keyboard shortcuts.
  8. Stacks. It is confusing and sometimes annoying that changes made in Library View do not apply to images in a stack if the stack is collapsed. Make it an option to apply them to all the images selected even if the stack or stacks are collapsed.
  9. Backup & Archiving. Support backing up and archiving photos. It’s criminal that Lightroom ignores the backup component. I’d also like to be able to archive pictures to CD or DVD and for Lightroom to manage the process – keeping track of what photos are on what CD and splitting an archive across multiple disks for example.
  10. For future use. I am leaving myself one for any brilliant ideas that come to me.

What do you think?



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