Controlled Vocabulary

I think this is a good idea for the few users who are serious about keywording their pictures in Lightroom. It looks like it is designed mostly for Adobe Bridge, which I have never used, but it works for Lightroom too.

They divide the world into the following top-level categories:

Animals Horticulture
Archaeology House and Home
Armed Forces Housing and Dwellings
Attire Industry
Beauty and Well-being Landscape
Birds Law and Order
Buildings and Architecture Love and Romance
Business and Office Media
Climate and Weather Music and Arts
Communication Nations and Landmarks
Computers and Computing Professions and Occupations
Concepts and Broad Subjects Religion
Education Science and Technology
Emotions and Feelings Shops and Services
Farming Sport
Festivals, Celebrations and Holidays Textures, Patterns and Colors
Food and Drink Time and Seasons
Health Care and Hygiene Touring and Vacationing
Hobbies and Pastimes Transport and Travel
Homo Sapiens


I’d love to try it out but I will not pay £49.99 (US$73.99) for it. Essentially I have developed my own controlled vocab for my areas of interest and I doubt it can be as deep as mine for vehicles (land, sea and air) and places.

I think this is a very tough sell for them and I hope they are not betting their company on it. £49.99 for a text file?!?

I downloaded their demo file and loaded it into my Test Lightroom catalog. It is about archeology. I am sure it is fine but it is so far outside my areas of interest I would not know.

I get the impression though that the Controlled Vocabulary is more for submission to stock agencies than for, say archaeologists. Perhaps the time will come when agencies require keywording against this vocabulary.

Here’s my current keyword hierarchy. It’s still a work in progress but I think I have the structure right for my needs.


I am shocked it is a 148 page PDF file!

For security reasons I removed the [PEOPLE] branch.


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