DVLA Vehicle Licensing Online | Vehicle Enquiry

DVLA Vehicle Licensing Online | Vehicle Enquiry.

UK DVLA Vehicle Enquiry

UK DVLA Vehicle Enquiry

I often want to know details of a vehicle that I have photographed. In the UK the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency provide basic details on this page.

Unfortunately the details they provide are very basic and do not include the make and model. Indeed you need to know the make in order to make the inquiry.

UK DVLA Vehicle Enquiry Result

UK DVLA Vehicle Enquiry Result

I extracted the list of vehicle makes that the DVLA know about from the web page source. It’s interesting (to a database geek) how they represent the many vehicle manufacturers’ names. For example Mercedes-Benz is just “MERCEDES”.

I had a quick look for manufacturers that I have seen here in Thailand that are not in the UK list. The only one I could find is Thairung. They make a SUV called the Allroader as well as vehicles under license. Apparently none have made it to the UK.

Here is the list as a PDF file. UK DVLA Vehicle Makes. WordPress does not allow me to upload a simple text file. Undoubtedly that’s “for security reasons“.

Other countries provide information on-line too. I should make an annotated list. I am quite sure Thailand is not amongst them.


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3 Responses to “DVLA Vehicle Licensing Online | Vehicle Enquiry”

  1. BKKPhotographer Says:

    However, Thailand does have some interesting STATISTICS on line at http://www.dlt.go.th/statistics_web/statistics.html

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