UK in Thailand on Flickr

See here where I made some friendly and helpful suggestions to the British Embassy, Bangkok about their Flickr photostream “UKinThailand“.

It’s two weeks later and I did not receive a response from the Commercial Department of the British Embassy Bangkok. That’s the department my contact passed it on to.

I see they made the corrections exactly as I suggested to the pictures I listed, but didn’t seem to check the rest.

I got the email address of the staffer who’s in charge of the web site so I will communicate with him or her in the future.

In Thailand both men and women are referred to politely as “Khun” so it’s even less wise to assume a gender than in other countries.

I hope I did not cause a problem for the Thai embassy staff member. I fear I caused him or her to lose face by pointing out the errors in English. This can be a problem for business and personal relationships here. If I could have emailed the staffer directly then she could have corrected the problem without anyone else knowing. But since I passed it through a (British) colleague maybe I caused offence.

That’s one of the challenges of being in another culture. Sometimes I feel I am walking on eggshells. Other times Thai people tell me I “think too much” and city people at least are not as sensitive as I think.

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2 Responses to “UK in Thailand on Flickr”

  1. BKKPhotographer Says:

    I wrote directly to the staffer about the captions on the “Pheu Thai Party” set – He or she made the corrections I suggested but did not reply to thank me. For a Brit that’s a major faux pas. Our mothers taught us to say please and thank you all the time.

  2. BKKPhotographer Says:

    Good news – I am now in email contact with the British Embassy person who is in charge of UK-in-Thailand. I agreed to review his photos and captions before he upload them. That’s good – I’d like the Flickr stream to be as impressive as possible.

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