HP Tries to Keep the Ink Flowing – NYTimes.com

H.P. Tries to Keep the Ink Flowing – NYTimes.com.

HP Logo

I think HP and other printer makers should stop being greedy. If they drop the price of ink people will print more.

It’s ridiculous that

Printer ink remains one of the most expensive liquids on the planet — more valuable than expensive perfumes…

(I’m not sure about that, but you get the idea).

I definitely do not print much on my Canon MP610 printer since an ink cartridge is over 500฿ – and the printer takes four cartridges.

I also found that the printer singals that an ink cartridge is empty far too early. When I first bought the printer I followed its instructions exactly and wasted about 25% of the cartridge’s capacity. Now I ignore the warnings and wait until I get one bad print. Better to waste a sheet of paper than waste the ink.

I do not believe the manufacturer who says that they cannot measure ink levels more precisely. At the price they are charging they jolly well ought to.


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    […] works well with Lightroom and Photoshop as well as a general-purpose printer and scanner. My only complaints have been about the excessive cost of ink and the fact it claims an ink tank is empty far before it […]

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