Windows XP to Windows 7: It’s Going to Be a Bumpy Ride – Columns by PC Magazine,2817,2350740,00.asp

When I lived in the US I subscribed to PC Magazine. Now it has gone all digital.

I am one of those users who have stuck with Windows XP. It does everything I want: run the half dozen apps I use regularly, connect to the Internet and it supports my Canon MP610 printer and my Wacom graphics tablet.

Even when I bought the new Compaq PC I insisted the shop install XP and not Vista. The PC is a tool and I don’t want the hassle.

The shop installed Office 2007 by mistake and I still cannot find the features I need without a hunt. Plus it refuses to run the code in my Access Databases and Excel Spreadsheets that I wrote myself.

I do not want to spend even an hour installing a new OS and hunting for new drivers and updates to the programs I use. Sorry Microsoft, it is not worth it to me.

I don’t mind too much that Microsoft will require a clean install for XP users. That’s the best way anyway. If I do grasp the nettle I’ll wait until all the apps I care about work with it and then I will reformat my hard drive and start from scratch.

One of the critical tools for me is TrueCrypt. That needs to work from day 1 as all my data is encrypted.


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