My Picasa Web Albums

My Picasa Web Albums

My Picasa Web Albums

I upload the majority of pictures I take each day to Picasa Web Albums here. I have an album per day. I get 1GB of free storage to I have to delete old albums when I run out of space. Currently they are turning over about once a month.

Picasa does not have a huge user community like Flickr but it is good for storing and mapping my pictures. It has the ability to link to friends’ albums, comment on them and so on but there just isn’t the activity I see on Flickr.

I think one reason is that Picasa Web does not support Groups – places where people can post pictures according to their interest. Flickr has them for anything you can think of and that seems to be its strength. I am surprised Google has not done similar with Picasa Web. They could profit from Flickr’s mistakes.

I used to use the Picasa PC client which integrates well with Picasa Web. That’s a huge competitive advantage over Flickr. But since I got Lightroom 2 I keep everything there and use Jeff Friedl’s uploader plugin. It keeps track of what I have uploaded for me.

Sometimes I will post a single picture to Flickr and then point to additional pictures on Picasa Web. I don’t know how many people follow that link – Picasa Web does not give me referral statistics.


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One Response to “My Picasa Web Albums”

  1. BKKPhotographer Says:

    I have had to delete up to 2009-07-27 in order to get my latest photos uploaded. It is just about a month’s cache of my public pictures, less the selected few I post to Flickr.

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