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This looks like a neat toy for Geotagging if your camera does not support it. You carry the PhotoTrackr around and it records your location. You then mate that with the pictures you took and their software geocodes the photos, interpolating as necessary.

Carp: Why not PhotoTracker? Did Flickr start the habit of omitting a perfectly respectable letter ‘e’? The have Organizr and so on like it is their trademark.

I wonder if it produces a track log that is compatible with Jeff Friedl’s Geocoding Plugin for Lightroom. I am lazy to use new software if I don’t have to.

PhotoTrackr is made by a company called GiSTEQ, based in Brea, California. They have five models ranging in price from US$99 to US$169. It appears they don’t have a distributor in Thailand – the nearest is Singapore.

The device has a vibration sensor that switches the device on when it senses movement. Otherwise it is in sleep mode. They claim Time to First Fix (TTFF) of less than one minute from a cold start. That’s a lot better than my Nikon!

Of course I don’t need the device – I always take my Nikon Coolpix P6000 with me and I can geocode pictures taken with other cameras with reference to the geocoded ones from the Nikon. That is a bit of a pain and this solution would be easier but I have other things to spend my money on.

One possible issue is that according to the comparison chart on the GiSTEQ site here only the two most expensive models support geocoding RAW files.

The GiSTEQ site links to a very detailed review from I found this picture of the device in use amusing. I think the author bought his clothes on Sukhumvit Road.

PhotoTrackr in use

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