Leica S system specifications: Digital Photography Review

Leica S system specifications: Digital Photography Review.

Leica S2

I am definitely not in the market for a Leica S System (US$30,000 and up) but one thing caught my eye: it uses Adobe DNG as its RAW format.

Approximately 75MB per image!“.

Using Adobe DNG for raw imaging data gives photographers the ultimate flexibility because this open-source data format is supported by almost all major graphic-editing and workflow solutions. Leica supplies the universal Adobe Lightroom workflow solution as part of the camera’s equipment.

If Leica can do it at the very top of the digital camera market, why can’t makers like Canon and Nikon? Surely they’d like to get out of the software business and concentrate on their strength: camera hardware, lenses and accessories?

The DNG format is open so I’d like to dispense with proprietary RAW files and use DNG all the time. I don’t want to be dependent on any single manufacturer in the long term.

Carp: I dislike Leica’s weasel words “… almost all major …”. Who defines “major”? Presumably the writer of this copy. They could remove the “almost” if they re-define “major”. Then it would read better.

Adobe lists four cameras that support DNG as their native RAW format here. It includes one other Leica (so they have experience with it) and a Hasselblad.

The page also lists many of the software packages that support DNG. Curiously they do not include ACDSee.


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