Does Your Digital Camera Have a ‘Food’ Setting? – Slashfood

Does Your Digital Camera Have a ‘Food’ Setting? – Slashfood.

Fortunately my Nikon Coolpix P6000 does not! I bet when the engineers’ eyes roll when the marketing people ask them to put in all these extra scene modes (as Nikon calls them on my camera).

I wonder what parameters one would set that is special to photographing food? The only ones I can think of is to boost saturation and to set the “close up” mode.

I often photograph food, at home, in a restaurant or on a vendor’s stall that I pass. Thai food can be particularly photogenic with the colours and subtle textures.

I photographed this fish dish in a local restaurant using the old Sony DSC-W35 and no special settings apart from close up mode.

Delicious Thai Fish Dish

I think it is a good picture as it is in focus, the colours are true and I can see the texture of the herbs and the richness of curry gravy.


2 Responses to “Does Your Digital Camera Have a ‘Food’ Setting? – Slashfood”

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    […] I know “serious photographers” don’t use these scene modes at all. On Canon cameras, for example, you cannot shoot in Raw if you use a programmed mode. I am a pragmatist. I’ll use whatever it takes to get the picture I want. I do draw the line at what I think are silly modes like “Food“. […]

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    […] usually take a photo of my food in a restaurant unless it is a very hi-so place. I wrote here about cameras that have a special setting for food photography. I used the “close up” […]

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