Digital Art – Mehdi’s Photoshop Plugins

“Planetcity1” encouraged me to try creating some Digital Art of my own after I waxed enthusiastic about her “Woven” art here. I protested that I am not particularly creative or artistic, but I agreed to “have a go” in the best British tradition.

I checked Mehdi’s web site for the Kaleidoscope plugin Planetcity1 used. It’s here. Mehdi is amazing. He has created a while slew of free Photoshop plugins that do a range of image manipulations. It would take me a week to investigate all of them. He does not say much about himself on his web site but I salute his programing skill and knowledge of mathematics. He’s not playing randomly with the bits.

I thought I’d need to create some special pictures but it turns out almost anything can create an interesting kaleidoscopic picture. One example shows how some parallel lines can create an interesting effect.

The user interface is very simple and encourages you to play. I am impressed how quickly it delivers a preview when you play with the parameters.

If you want to recreate an effect you can write down the parameters. Maybe you can record its use as a Photoshop Action. I have not tried.

Kaleidoscope 2.1 Filter (Click for a larger version)

Kaleidoscope 2.1 Filter (Click for a larger version)

So far I have tried three experiments. I posted them to Flickr in a set called “But, is it Art?

Experiment 1

A picture of a sunbathing girl.

Kaleidoscope Experiment 1

I did not do much with this other than cut out the white areas which were a bit stark and then put a colour fill / texture layer underneath in Photoshop.

Experiment 2

Some wax fruit at the Children’s Discovery Museum at Chatuchak Park.

Kaleidoscope Experiment 2

I rotated this one to a more pleasing portrait aspect ratio and put a gradient fill under the fruit.

Experiment 3

Parallel lines. Here I experimented with some Photoshop Blending Modes between the transformed layer and the original. For example:

Kaleidoscope Experiment 3


It’s great fun and I could easily get addicted. I have not scratched the surface of what I can create using this one Plugin. And Mehdi has a dozen more with artistic potential.

I posted some more examples here.

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2 Responses to “Digital Art – Mehdi’s Photoshop Plugins”

  1. planetcity1 Says:

    A good start…I’m glad you’re enjoying the experience.

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    […] get comparatively few views for those pictures. When I tried my “art” project I got almost no […]

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