Street tips

I’m still thinking about “street photography” vs. “voyeur photography” after the great Flickr Banning controversy.

I am reading Chris Week’s guide now. But this “Lite Version” has a good definition:

… street photography takes place on the street, with candid unposed shots for which permission has not been asked. Most countries laws protect the photographer in this sense, implying that people in a public space where there is no expectation of privacy are fair game.

I have changed emphasis in my postings to GB-in-TH. I aim to have 30% or so shots where the subject knew of and clearly agreed to the picture. For all the pictures I want to tell a tiny story and occasionally to raise a smile. This is Thailand and sanuk matters.

I see no reason why “street” has to mean black and white, high contrast and moody. It may work for colder climes but Bangkok cries out for colour.

For example:

A Taxi Will Come (Colour)

compared with

A Taxi Will Come (B&W)

I far prefer the colour version, although of course there are infinite variations on both.

Maybe I’ll post more when I have read Chris’s book and studied the pictures.


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