I Will Block You

I Will Block You!

I Will Block You!

You see this graphic quite a lot in Flickr users’ photostreams. I haven’t thought about it, but recently my alternate Flickr account: GB-in-TH has been getting many favourites from users with no buddy icon and nothing to share. They don’t make comments either.

I am curious about people who like my photos and feel a little disenchanted when I see that. But not to the extent of putting up a big red warning and blocking people who’ve done nothing active to annoy me or others. It’s far too aggressive for my Thai-influenced sensibilities.

The only time I have blocked a user on Flickr was in the case of “comment spam“. Occasionally I delete a comment that is clearly stupid – maybe a kid playing around. But I won’t block the user for stupidity.


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2 Responses to “I Will Block You”

  1. fonktok69 Says:

    When I had the **f__t** account I had to block a lot of new contacts due to their content — either male genitals or really bad erotica. I didn’t want my page linked to people like this. The “gray ghosts” did not bother me as I figured they were just looking anyway. Occasionally, I would go back and cull my own contact list of inactive or questionable users.

    I think there are a lot of “spam” accounts on flickr. I’m not quite sure why people do this? I’ve had to block a few lately on my personal account.

    Again, it amazes me what flickr allow and then what they will delete w/o warning (i.e., **f__t**). I’ve gone back to my original photo website a lot lately — pBase.com — and I feel very welcome after my flickr debacle.

  2. BKKPhotographer Says:

    Yep, Flickr is a microcosm of the world and the Flickr admins are like law enforcement. It’s amazing in all countries what they crack down upon and what they let slide. They are reactive and maybe have to get through 100 or more complaints in a day. If you complained about the people who made you a contact with their penises on display they would probably get deleted too. But most of us ignore, or at the most block.

    I guess the original Flickr (pre-Yahoo) was very relaxed about content as they tried to grow the site. Now the Yahoo big company management probably regrets that start-up mentality – hence the change in atmosphere. My heart sank when Yahoo bought them – but they probably would not have survived as a business alone.

    It’s a tough one and I can see both sides. Ever the analytical one, me!

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