Continuing my B&W (Re-)Education

On Mother’s Day I decided I would try a day shooting Bangkok pictures in black & white.

Continuing my B&W (Re-)Education

Alas I don’t have a film camera any more. I set up my Canon EOS-30D to use the “Monochrome” picture style. I also used my only 50mm lens. I wanted to train myself to take good pictures by moving myself relative to the subject rather than using the zoom.

I went out and walked round a new for me area of Bangkok on Rama VI Road in Khet Pathum Wan.

The camera had a little “B&W” warning annunciator on the top panel and indeed the pictures previewed on the LCD as b&w. (Actually greyscale, but everyone says black and white.)

Imagine my surprise when I got home and imported the photos to Lightroom. I converted from RAW (.CR2) to DNG as I always do and the pictures were in glorious colour!

With Raw files the Canon in-camera Picture Style is just that – a style. You can change it at any time since it is the minimally processed data from the sensor.

Lightroom does not understand Canon Picture Styles so it rendered the RAW data as colour as it always does.

(Note I have the still-in-beta Lightroom Camera Calibration Profiles so I can approximate the standard picture styles: Normal, Portrait, Landscape, Neutral and Faithful but there isn’t a Monochrome profile.)

It was the work of but a moment to use the Lightroom tools to render them all as greyscale.

If you shoot JPG files with the Monochrome Picture Style then it does imporrt as a b&w picture. It is still a RGB file – not greyscale as if you did a mode conversion in Photoshop.

How complicated.


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4 Responses to “Continuing my B&W (Re-)Education”

  1. Gaeng Says:

    It looks interesting in black and white. Older too.

  2. bkkphotographer Says:

    Thanks. It is an older tuk-tuk, not one of the new green models.

  3. Johan Says:

    If you use the Canon DPP RAW converter, it will use the picture style you set in the camera as a default. Of course you can change it (since all RAW data is there).

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