Checking Integrity

Lightroom - Checking Integrity

When I do a catalog (database) backup in Lightroom I accept the option to check the integrity of the database. It proceeds in two phases.

I’d like to know what happens in each of these phases. What happens if the check reveals an error? Does it attempt to fix it? What does the cache check entail? Does it delete old thumbnails? Lightroom’s thumbnail cache is enormous.

I read somewhere about a Lightroom user who diligently backed up her database yet it was corrupt and she wasn’t informed until something went seriously wrong.

I wish I could get the ODBC driver for the SQLLite database to work. I discussed it here. Then I could make my own checks by attaching it to a MS Access client.

As it is i have an uneasy feeling that all may not be well with the catalog but I won’t know until it is too late. Am I “thinking too much”?

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