For Security Reasons …

This phrase really annoys me when I see it. If I ever run a company again I will fire any employee who uses it. It is today’s all purpose, supposedly un-challengeable excuse for anything.

Click for a larger picture

Click for a larger picture

And don’t get me started about “you need …“.

In this case I subscribed to email updates to comments on a WordPress blog post I commented on. I received an email message with a link to click to confirm I’d subscribed.

The link must have expired or there’s a bug in WordPress, for I got this response each time I tried.

Sorry, I am not that interested, and I don’t need to do anything, thank you very much.

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One Response to “For Security Reasons …”

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    […] Here is the list as a PDF file. UK DVLA Vehicle Makes. WordPress does not allow me to upload a simple text file. Undoubtedly that’s “for security reasons“. […]

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