Bangkok Chinatown Arch

Bangkok Chinatown Arch

Originally uploaded by Ian Fuller

On Tuesday evening I went on a walk through part of Bangkok’s Chinatown. By Bangkok standards Chinatown was quiet before the celebrations for the Queen’s 72nd Birthday Anniversary on Wednesday, 12th August.

I wanted to walk along Yaowarat Road to Rachawongse and then down to the river. But it was very humid and I became tired. So I retraced my steps on the other side of the road back to the subway at Hua Lamphong.

I took my Canon EOS-30D camera with the Image Stabilized 28-135mm lens. It is a heavy combination and my neck ached by the end of the trip.

But what a delight it was to use compared with the Nikon Coolpix P6000 in similar circumstances. I shot most pictures at 1000ASA without a second thought. With the Nikon I am often disappointed at 400ASA.

When I composed a picture the Canon focused, metered and released the shutter almost instantly. It was refreshing after the sloth of the Nikon. I had no need to “chimp” as I knew that the image I saw was the one recorded, 99% of the time.

Also, I didn’t have to spend the subway journey home rotating the pictures using the Nikon’s frustrating tool. The Canon has an orientation sensor. Wow, high-technology!

I know I should not beef about the Nikon too much – it is a different class of camera albeit three years newer. Still, I think it could do better and it is not a good advertisment for Nikon.

The sole downside was that my Canon knows nothing about geocoding. I had to do that manually in Jeff Fridel’s Lightroom plugin. That was not a problem as I was familiar with the streets and was done in less than ten minutes.

If I am going somewhere I don’t know with the Canon I’ll use the Nikon to take some pictures at known locations like street intersections. That way I can easily geocode the others. I have to rememebr to ensure that the two cameras’ clocks are set to the same time: then the photos sort nicely in Lightroom.

I posted most of the pictures to Picasa Web at the end of the 2009-08-11 Album here . They’ll remain for about one month before I have to delete them to make way for more pictures.

I focused on close-ups of the street scene and the vendors rather than general shots which would not have been so interesting.

This picture of the Chinatown Arch should never disappear from Flickr. It will rotate out of my Flickr Photostream but will always be available in the Groups to which I posted it. That’s why I don’t worry much about Flickr’s 200 pictures / month limit for free accounts. It disciplines me to limit my Photostream to the “best”.


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