Renewed my Visa

I renewed my visa at the Royal Thai Police main Immigration Office on Soi Suan Phlu – off Sathorn Road – yesterday.

They’ve modernized their process since I was there last  year. Now they take your photo using a Canon digital camera on a mini tripod and paste it onto an electronic version of the application form. They also take your fingerprints and put them onto a computer.

Note though, this has not replaced the requirement to come with a completed application form and a 6cm x 4cm photograph. And the officer seemed to have to transcribe the information from my form onto her computer.

It was easier to pay 100฿ for a set of 4 photos from the shop opposite rather than do it myself. Now the photo shops use a handheld digital camera and a printer set up to print four photos the right size on one sheet of paper.

Maybe this is an interim step and in the future it will be a more electronic process.

I had to wait almost 6 hours for my turn, but once I was in front of the officer the process was simple. It helped I’d done this before so I had all my paperwork ready.

The Immigration Office is so relaxed compared with the equivalent in the USA. Even though the wait was long I was able to wander in and out. I had coffee and lunch at the very good UR Station vegetarian restaurant opposite and wander round the neighbourhood taking pictures.

I posted a few to Flickr like this man with his sausages.


I posted many more photos of the neighbourhood on Picasa Web here.


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