Warning : Spam Comments in Flickr

Flickr Spam Comment

Flickr Spam Comment

Somebody commented on a photo I uploaded to Flickr about a restaurant (La Boulange on Convent Road) that’s recently changed to a 24-Hour Italian Restaurant.

The comment said “U WILL SURPRISE, CLICK HERE …” and gave a compressed URL.

Naively I thought someone was telling me that La Boulange has opened elsewhere. So I clicked on the link. But no, it was some kind of bad site. I closed the tab as soon as I saw it wasn’t relevant. I think Firefox is resilient to such things.

But I am pissed off.

I deleted the comment and blocked the user who put it on the post (probably something automated). I have used Flickr almost since they started and this is the first time it has happened to one of my pictures.

If you see a comment on your Flickr photostream from rekha1987 I suggest you delete it without clicking on anything and block that user. Of course that user has nothing in its profile and no pictures.


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5 Responses to “Warning : Spam Comments in Flickr”

  1. GB-in-TH Says:

    rekha1987 posted a similar spam comment to a picture I posted to GB-in-TH seconds after I posted it. I blocked it too. (It because it is a computer program, not a human).

    If someone clicked on a comment on one of my pictures and got infected by malware as a result I would feel a bit responsible.

    It is interesting that it only comments on one picture in an upload.

    I wonder how I can complain to Flickr and maybe get the account closed or the loophole in their API blocked. Abuse is a problem when you open up programmatic access to your stuff. I was so fortunate that when I was writing software professionally that sort of thing was unknown.

  2. GB-in-TH Says:

    I get a few comment spams on this blog too: 47 since I started in early June 2009. But WordPress has caught all of them and presented them to me for deletion.

    It also has the feature that the first time someone comments her comment is held for moderation. I wish Flickr had the same option. Maybe this comment spamming is a recent development.

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