Jeff’s Geocoding Plugin Has Conniptions

Lightroom Couldn't Reverse Geocode that Location

Lightroom Couldn't Reverse Geocode that Location

I don’t know what happened to Jeff Friedl’s Geocoding Plugin for Lightroom. Since yesterday I have been unable to reverse geocode any pictures. (That’s adding the location information to the IPTC section of the file based on a lat/long pair).

I cannot do it in Batch Mode nor One-by-One. Lightroom gives error messages that indicate a syntax error in the LUA code of the plugin.

I am guessing something has changed in the Google Earth protocol that causes the plugin to gulp.

I checked that I have the latest version and that the problem is reproducible. Then I sent Jeffrey a log file using the tool provided by the plugin. (Jeffrey certainly thinks ahead).

It’s inconvenient as I like to reverse geocode all my pictures. I can always do them in a big batch once Jeff fixes the problem.

This would happen when Jeff is on vacation. He’s taken on a huge task step-by-small-step by developing these complex plugins.


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3 Responses to “Jeff’s Geocoding Plugin Has Conniptions”

  1. GB-in-TH Says:

    Someone else reported the error on Jeff’s blog at

    Jeff said he was without Internet for a day and he’s looking into it.

    I bet Jeff has hundreds, maybe thousands of users. A bug like this could overwhelm his limited resources. I feel for him. He’s a family man and this isn’t his job so much as an avocation. But he has made his plug-ins so feature filled and complex (Twitter support?) that they are a support nightmare. Lightroom is not a mature product yet and the internet is a constantly changing place.

    The good thing is you can make fixes to your code and push them to your users very quickly. That is so different from when I was writing software for HP. But I think we were much more disciplined because fixing a post-release bug was expensive.

  2. Jeff Fixed It « Bkkphotographer's Blog Says:

    […] having with “Reverse Geocoding” pictures in Lightroom in record time. I wrote about it here. Lightroom New Geoencoding Plugin […]

  3. GB-in-TH Says:

    Jeff fixed the bug. See

    I am happy again.

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