Mini 50th Anniversary

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Yes, the original Mini was introduced in 1959 – I was three years old. My first car was a T’reg Mini 1200 in Surrey in the early 80s.

I still see quite a number of original Minis in Bangkok. Every year there is a gathering of them outside Robinson’s, Rachadapisek.

The new (BMW) Mini is very popular in Thailand. I love that the variant with the Union Jack on the roof is popular.

There was a party for the anniversary at the British Ambassdaor’s Residence on the 1st of July. I’m sad I wasn’t invited. But the Embassy posted some pictures of the event as Flickr User “Ukinthailand“.

I wish that the person who posts to Flickr could spell-check the captions and perhaps clean up the pictures a bit. I wonder if I could volunteer to be the Embassy’s Flickr-master. I would like to help my native country present its best face to the world.


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2 Responses to “Mini 50th Anniversary”

  1. bkkphotographer Says:

    I wrote to a contact at the Embassy. He passed my message on to the relevant department. They asked me to tell them about the spelling errors in the captions! I sent back a list of errors and suggested corrections:
    Photo shows all representative of the business parters .
    I think you mean “partners”.
    The Bangkok big switch Project, calling for sustainable action against global warmning 27 July 2009.
    I think you mean “global warming”.
    Same : “global warming.”
    Joining the event are M. R. Sukhumphan Paribatra, governor of Bangkok Metropolitant , British Ambassador Quinton Quayle, Thai actress Savika Chaiyadej, environtment ambassador and Willie Tham, CEO of HSBC Thailand.

    I think you mean “Bangkok Metropolitan Authority” and “environment ambassador”.
    Mini's 50th Annivesary
    Test drive the Mini Convertible by British Ambassador Quinton Quayle.

    Better I think to say: British Ambassador Quinton Quayle test drives the Mini Convertible.
    Mini's 50th Anniversary
    Showing the picture of Mini Classic, which gives him the first experience of car driving.

    Better I think to say: “British Ambassador Quinton Quayle showing a picture of the Mini Classic: the car that gave him his first driving experience”. (Me too!)
    Mini's 50th Annivesary
    One of Mini parks in front of the Ambassador’s Residence during the celebration.

    Better I think to say: “A bright red Mini with the Union Jack on its roof parked in front of the Ambassador’s Residence during the celebration.”

    I have not heard back yet. I hope it isn’t the Ambassador’s wife’s pet project and I have mortally offended her by criticizing her English!

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