It got too tiring having to re-enter three pieces of information each time I used LR2/Blog (see my post on the issue here). I purposely chose a difficult-to-guess password so I have to go to Password Safe (great little tool) to retrieve it.

Tim hasn’t updated it recently, despite his pleas for feedback and claims for “rapid development”.

I find it is easier to export the picture I need from Lightroom and “pull” it from the WordPress “insert image” tool rather than “pushing” it from Lightroom.

The tool does not save metadata for the pictures I uploaded, unlike Jeff Friedl’s export plugins. So I add a keyword “BKKphotographer” to each picture that I upload to this, my only, blog.

I’m disappointed Tim hasn’t kept developing the plugin. Maybe he’s been diverted to other projects. Plus it’s the summer holiday season in the Northern  Hemisphere.

I am sure there is a market for this plugin and if he was as creative as Jeff Friedl it would be fantastic. I wish Jeff would create an alternative. It looks like he has got loads of reusable components – he could probably make one in an evening.


While I am grumbling, one thing that annoys me is how software always hides the password you enter with asterisks or dots. I know it is a defence against shoulder surfing. But I don’t have that vulnerability at home. It’s far easier for me, a cackhanded two-finger typist, to see what I am typing.

I read somewhere a reference to a study that indicated that this password hiding is overall a detriment to security. This is because users tend to use shorter, easier to guess passwords if they cannot see what they are typing.

Makes sense to me.


(I’m not writing for Wikipedia – I don’t have to provide references to reliable data sources for my assertions!)


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