Bus Sleepers

The windows of a non-air conditioned Bangkok bus are a great frame for street photography (which I believe is a respectable term for the looked-down-upon candid genre). One day all Bangkok buses will be hermetically sealed air-conditioned Euro-4 engined machines such as can be seen anywhere.

I love the old buses notwithstanding the driving style and the pollutants. And yes, I travel on buses regularly and will choose an open one over an air-con bus every time if it’s an option. The view is better.

I took my courage in both hands and posted some more pictures to GB-in-TH on Flickr today. One thing I like to do is tell a story with each of these photos. Perhaps a joke, perhaps an observation or a question. I hope when done honestly that keeps me well out of the “creepy guy” category in the views of others.

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