Lightroom Quick Search

Yesterday a Flickr friend asked if I had a picture of one of the bright pink Private Joint buses that have appeared recently on the streets of Bangkok. They’re a bit startling.

Click for a larger picture

Click for a larger picture

All by pictures of such Bangkok Private Joint buses have the keyword “joint”. Lightroom made it easy to find all of them – click to the right of the count and Lightroom shows you all photos with that keyword.

Then I refined the query (for that’s what it is, a painless way of doing a database query) by adding a column to the fliters at the top of the screen. Jeff Friedl’s Flickr uploader adds information to the database for each picture uploaded. I was able with a single click to find all the Private Joint bus pictures I’d uploaded to Flickr.

I don’t have a keyword for the colour of the bus. That’s an omission – bus I used to live in London and as far as I’m concerned all buses should be red.

Fortunately the Pink one stood out. I selected it and clicked on the URL in the metadata panel and the corresponding page on Flickr came up. Then I copied the URL into the reply to my friend.

Lightroom Finding a Pink Bus 2

That was easy.


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