RPG Keys – Kubota RPG SpeedKeys – Explosive Lightroom Power

RPG Keys

RPG Keys – Kubota RPG SpeedKeys – Explosive Lightroom Power.

This company must see a market for a Lightroom hardware accessory that costs more than the software itself. It’s heartening that high volume photography professionals are using Lightroom. Maybe it will evolve faster than my needs.

I don’t think I do enough work to make this worthwhile and the breathless sales prose puts me off. For example:

  • Explosify your workflow.
  • If you would like to be one of the first to get your hands on this hot new product place your order today.
  • The initial price of the Kubota RPG SpeedKeys is $349. Price subject to increase, so grab it now!
  • This video tutorial has helped photographers just like you to learn how to efficiently use Adobe Lightroom® 2. (Italics mine.)
  • This amazing combination pak will double—maybe even triple—your workflow efficiency and speed!

It seems to be hard-wired to their presets. I hope it is flexible if I want to use my own or someone else’s.

Incidentally – does anyone still use the original RPG – Report Program Generator? I’m showing my age even to remember it.


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