First Shutterstock Submission

I made my first submission of 10 pictures to Shutterstock.

I thought of the sort of pictures that magazines etc. might want to buy and uploaded a selection of what I thought were good pictures.

I developed a new “workflow” in Lightroom for the purpose. Maybe I will post more about it later. In brief I made a new export preset for the pictures I wanted to submit that stripped all the metadata that Lightroom adds but keeps the camera info.

I made a new Lightroom catalog for Shutterstock and used that to put the pictures in the categories corresponding to the ones Shutterstock uses. I added suitable keywords (Shutterstock require a minimum of 7) and a short title to each picture.

I used Jeff Friedl’s “Megapixel Sort” plugin to check that all the pictures were above the 4MP minimum (after cropping) that Shutterstock now requires of new submitters like me.

Then I uploaded using their Java plugin. It does not sat Chrome is supported but it works. Yes, I had to download the Java runtime. More megabytes of overhead on my PC.

Shutterstock has you add metadata in their own editing screen. When you submit the batch it does a spell check. Of course it didn’t recognize Thai words like “Wat Burana” or “Hua Lamphong”. It didn’t recognize “b&w” and split it into two keywords “b” and “w”. I think that is a bug.

So once I persuaded the software that I spelled everything correctly they are now in a queue for review. I presume by a human.

Shutterstock gives you a 6-digit batch id. I added that as a non-exportable keyword in my Lightroom Shutterstock catalog.

I also have collections for Accepted and Rejected photos.

Now I am waiting eagerly to see if they will accept any of them. I have no idea really what they want and will sell. This is a learning experience.

The guidelines say that if they accept less than 7 pictures out of 10 I must wait a month before submitting more. So this is like a test.

One good thing – my license to Shutterstock is non-exclusive. I can sell the pictures elsewhere if I wish. Ha! Let’s sell one first and make a quarter!


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