Shutterstock Signup

I wrote here that I may try and sign up for a stock photo agency. It would be good to make some money from my photography.

Today I decided to sign up and upload some pictures. I filled in their online signup form providing all the information they requested. When I submitted the form I got this page:

Shutterstock Need My Passport

Shutterstock Need My Passport

So I uploaded a scanned copy of my passport.

BUT maybe I’ll have a problem. I have a British Passport but I am a legal resident of Thailand. Thus my passport country does not match the country I submitted. They say it MUST.

I sent them an email message explaining the situation. I’ll find out next week if MUST means MUST.

I was in the same situation when I lived in America for 20+ years as a permanent resident. But in the States I had a PR card (Green Card) and a California Driver’s License. I don’t have a Thai Driver’s License. The only Thai Government Issued documentation I have is the visa stamp in my passport. That’s good enough for the Thai Government.

I should think this is a common situation. I hope they are flexible and understanding. I sent them an email explaining my situation.

I had to agree to a 20 paragraph Terms of Service (six PDF pages) and five more pages of Submitter Guidelines. I printed them and will read them later.

I can see why they are cautious about new submitters but this is the kind of thing that must intimidate many people. I wish there was an alternative to all this legal stuff. But changing the common human urge to do bad things is a bit tough.

I have a user name and password for Shutterstock. In order to sign in submitters must solve a “Captcha” puzzle every time. One like this:


I got it at the second attempt. They don’t say if spaces and case are significant or not. The first one they presented had a couple of lines on the left that could have been lower case letter ‘l’s but may have been there to confuse robots.

I need to think about the process (workflow!) I will use to submit photos. The main issue I can think of is keywording. I need to add keywords that potential customers will use to find pictures they need for a project.

I was thinking of my pictures of the lovely old Austin van in Bangkok:

Austin A40 "Devon" Van in Thonburi, Thailand

I should think I will need to add keywords like ‘old van’, ‘vintage’, ‘blue van’ and so on. I don’t want those cluttering up my carefully (obsessively?) crafted Lightroom keyword hierarchy.

I think I will have to strip the keywords from the pictures I submit to Shutterstock and put them into a separate Lightroom catalog. Then I can add new keywords that are more ‘salesy’. That goes against my ‘everything in one Lightroom database’ philosophy but it may be the best solution.

Buy maybe it will be moot if they don’t accept my id.



One Response to “Shutterstock Signup”

  1. GB-in-TH Says:

    Shutterstock accepted my id without question. I am impressed that they are flexible.

    Now I have to do is find some saleable pictures to upload and sell.

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