The Irksome Cellphone Industry

State of the Art – Cellphone Gripes Worthy of Congress’s Time –

I like David Pogue – he tells it like it is.

I used to be a AT&T customer (before that Cingular, before that Cellular One – I didn’t change providers – they kept on merging). Indeed I got my current Nokia 3120 GSM phone from AT&T in the States and bought an unlock code on the internet so I could use it while traveling. It’s about four years old now – a dinosaur.

My phone

My phone

It’s got very few features – or at least ones that work in Thailand. It can display Thai text messages but cannot type in Thai. But it makes and receives calls, sends and receives simple text messages which is all I need.

Now I use it with a Thai “Happy” prepaid card. I don’t make many calls and incoming calls are free. I need to buy a new 300฿ top-up card (available everywhere) about once a month.

Happy Logo

Happy does not make much money off me – they keep on sending me text messages (in Thai) and recorded marketing messages (also in Thai) but I ignore all of them. I think they are pushing ring tones, sports scores, stock prices and the like.

Often I am tempted by a new phone – phone stores are everywhere too and marketing is relentless. But this one works and my needs are simple. It still looks slim and so I keep face except amongst experts.


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3 Responses to “The Irksome Cellphone Industry”

  1. Toucanzoo Says:

    At least it is unlikely to be stolen if found.

  2. GB-in-TH Says:


  3. Nokia N95 Experience « Bkkphotographer's Blog Says:

    […] good. But I can get a phone for 800B that has those qualities. This was 8,000B less a 1,000B for my old phone (I’m surprised it had any value, but apparently Nokia has such a good reputation in Thailand […]

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