Vehicle Tagging

I have started to add what Flickr calls “machine tags” to my pictures of road vehicles and railways. The concept is similar to aerotags for aircraft and geotags for location information.

So far I have defined the following tags:

veh:man= (manufacturer)
veh:model= (model)

rail:man= (manufacturer)

I used “man” rather than “make” for compatibility with aerotags.

I did not have to do much work in Lightroom to add them. I added the tags as synonyms for the keywords I normally apply and set the option for Lightroom to export them.

Lightroom Ford KeywordLightroom Focus Keyword

The purpose is to add some structure to the normally “typeless” concept of a tag or keyword. It makes searching easier. For example a picture with tag “veh:man=Ford” is definitely of a vehicle made by Ford Motor Company. A tag of “Ford” could be a that or it could be picture of a river crossing.

Here’s a picture of a Ford Focus in Lightroom with the tags that will be exported.

Lightroom Ford Focus keyworded

Click for a larger version

(Note: I also added Thai language synonyms for “Bangkok” and “Thonburi” just to see how well Lightroom supports Unicode and how well they export to the web. That’s not relevant to this discussion.)

Maybe I’ll if I can get others who take pictures of vehicles to adopt the format. One way would be to create a group on Flickr similar to the aerotagging and geotagging groups.

I can add more names later. For example: “veh:body=sedan” and maybe “veh:use=taxi”. But for now I am keeping things simple.

Flickr recognizes the tag format “prefix:name=value” and hides them in a tag list unless you elect to show them.

Here’s how the photo shows on Flickr:

Click for a larger image

Click for a larger image

There is no registry of machine tag prefixes, so someone could come up with their own set of tags that are incompatible with mine. That could be confusing.

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2 Responses to “Vehicle Tagging”

  1. GB-in-TH Says:

    Since writing this I have added a “type” tag too. For example: veh:type=taxi.

  2. Progress! « Bkkphotographer's Blog Says:

    […] want to learn how to “inject” these name-value pairs as typed Vehicle Tag keywords into pictures that I export as Jeff Friedl does for his Geocoding […]

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