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Well, that was a bit of a workup. I tried an experiment posting a picture of a bunch of coconuts on a tree from my new account to this blog.

I thought it would post a small picture and a link to the big one like Flickr does. But no – it posts a link to a Flash based embedded player and publishes the entire album, not just the picture I selected. Good job all the pictures were harmless. That was not what I expected and I think it could cause problems by disclosing more pictures than the user intended.

Also – I don’t like “post this” tools that publish the item immediately (no option to save as a draft). Flickr does that too. At least Flickr gives me the option to add text to the post before publishing.

I like the way says it does not save your login information. All these links between domains with my login and password stored heaven knows where are a bit worrying. But I lose the convenience of one click publishing: Flickr does keep that login info so the experience is simpler.

Last night I tried linking to my Picasa Web Album but I could not get it to work. I had to tell Picasa that had permission to access my account. But then I went back to and it asked for permission again. Something did not stick.


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