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I must be a bit slow – I didn’t know that Adobe have an online photo editing and sharing service at

I signed up for an account using my existing Adobe ID (you need this for support and downloads). Adobe give you 2GB of storage with a free account. That is the same as PicasaWeb from Google.

Flickr is different – 200 pictures (I nearly said images) and 100MB a month upload. Maybe the pressure from others will make Flickr relax that limit. Remember the old days when free email accounts had storage limits? I think Google broke that one with Gmail a few years ago and now all the major email services offer unlimited storage.

Anyway … I thought I would give a try and see how they’ve implemented online photo editing. Is it from the Photoshop School, the ACR / Lightroom School or something new?

The signup process was a bit painful. Even though I had an existing Adobe ID I had to respond to a confirmation email. Then I needed to type my user name and password three times before I was set up. That is an unnecessary pain. Once should be enough Adobe!

Also – having a user id as my email address is silly.

OK, it is easy for the user to remember but people often change their email provider. My original Adobe ID was tied to my email provider from years ago – I stopped using it maybe five years ago. But when I wanted to buy Lightroom online they sent a confirmation email to that old address. I had to email Adobe order processing and ask them to cancel the order, then I had to establish a new Adobe ID so I could interact.

I bet lots of people use their work or college email and when they change jobs or graduate, it’s gone. It would be different if Adobe provided email service like Yahoo or Google. Then it makes sense to use an email address as a user’s primary id. But not for a separate company like Adobe.

So with that off my chest, I signed on. I should have expected it – uses Flash. After all Adobe bought the company. I am set up as

I would have thought that Adobe would provide an uploader from Lightroom to As far as I know they do not. I guess it is because they’re aimed at different markets. LR is an enthusiast / professional tool. is for amateurs (in the original best sense of the word).

Google provide Picasa as a desktop application and it is well integrated with Picasa Web. I used to use it before I centralized everything around LR with Jeff Friedl’s upload plugins.

Maybe Adobe have integrated with Elements?

I found a list of other users’ galleries. They claim to have 117,326 galleries online. I guess that is the same as the number of registered users. That is not many for a service that has been around for a year or more. I tried searching for ‘Thailand’ and ‘Bangkok” and found zero galleries relating. At least I will be the first. I found nothing to do with ‘San Francisco’ either. Perhaps I was searching in the wrong place: the search box wants a user name (as if I know any). It isn’t a general search a la Google.

I’ll write more about when I learn more about it. You can look at and see what I have done.



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