Still Unguessed

Mystery Executive Car Outside Jusco Rachada

Originally uploaded by Ian Fuller

I’m losing my confidence in the experts in the Guess The Car group on Flickr (

No one gave me a certain id on the old car I posted on July 4 – the best guess was a pre-WW2 German Ford Eifel. Maybe that was too hard: it lacked a lot of body parts.

I thought this one would be a lot easier but I got no comments at all! I even put a detail of the car’s unique bad on the photo I posted.

I suspect it is a version of the Toyota Crown. Where is Hugo90 when I need him?


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2 Responses to “Still Unguessed”

  1. bkkphotographer Says:

    I posted another view of the car to PicasaWeb at

  2. bkkphotographer Says:

    Nakhon100 on Flickr identified it as a second genmeration Infiniti Q45. That led me to look around Wikipedia and I decided it is the Japanese domestic market version: the Nissan Cima Y33. I have not seen another closeup of the badge to be 100% sure.

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