Undo Failed Due to Programming Error(!)

I was working in Lightroom (2.4 – Windows XP) this afternoon and attempted to undo the application of a Develop Preset. I’ve done this many times without an error. I was surprised when Lightroom showed this message box:

No it is not OK!

No it is not OK!

Fortunately I was able to revert to the picture I imported. I tried the operations again and everything was fine.

I wonder what programming error caused it to happen. It seems that if the engineer who put this in her code could envisage the error, why didn’t she correct it? My guess it is something like a “case” statement (whatever they are called these days) where the “else” was never meant to be encountered, but in this situation, it was.

I guess something very obscure that it wasn’t found in Adobe’s normal testing. No harm seems to have been done but errors like this are always worrying.


One Response to “Undo Failed Due to Programming Error(!)”

  1. GB-in-TH Says:

    select case Colour
    case Colour = Red
    Do Red Thing

    case Colour = Green
    Do Green Thing

    case Colour = Blue
    Do Blue Thing

    case else
    /* This should never happen */
    MsgBox “Programming error”


    Something like that.

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