Flickr Upload Enhancement Request

I also sent Jeff a request for his Flickr plugin:

Enhancement request:

I regularly use your Upload to Flickr plugin with two Flickr accounts. The way it is set up now I have to login completely to the last one I used before I can change accounts to the other one.

On a slow connection from Bangkok that can take a while – I think it’s mostly downloading the groups i have subscribed to.

Could you make it an option that I choose the account before you try to log me on? I think most people use only one Flickr account and like the way it logs you on automatically so I don’t think you should lose that functionality.

Thanks a lot!



2 Responses to “Flickr Upload Enhancement Request”

  1. GB-in-TH Says:

    Jeff IGNORED by enhancement request. He replied to the ones above and below but not mine. I don’t know why.

    Even when people make requests that are hard to understand or already covered by the product he replies.

    Maybe I did not send him a big enough donation.

  2. GB-in-TH Says:

    Jeff’s on vacation in the States. He apologised for not responding but he is way overloaded. I think he has taken on a huge job with his increasingly complex set of Lightroom addins. There is a big demand for them, lots of bug and enhancement requests. He is a one person engineering, support and marketing department.

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