The Prime Minister of Thailand

TFBO 2009

Originally uploaded by Ian Fuller

I got some good photos of rime Minister of Thailand Abhisit Vejjajiva at the Thailand Franchise and Business Opportunities show at BITEC, Bang-Na, Bangkok. I was fortunate to have an Exhibitor’s Badge so I was able to attend his opening speech.

It’s the first time I have been close enoigh to photograph a senior politician. When I lived in America I went to San Jose State University to see Governor Bill Clintom speak during his first run for the presidency. I could not get anywhere near because of the crowds and security. I have a long shot of his Bill’s forehead somewhere in the archives.

I like this shot because the PM seems a bit isolated and pensive. He gave a speech in perfect English (he was born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and went to Oxford University).

He was surrounded by photographers throughout his visit. So much so that the invited audience could not see him. I am not used to competing for space so it was a new experience. I tended to defer to the professionals – they had deadlines to meet – but they were all polite. I don’t think a British Press pack would be so accomodating to an obvious outsider.

Indeed I was surpried I was permitted near him at all. No one checked my id or searched me. I would not have been allowed in the same zip code if President Obama came to town. The relative informality is one of the many things I like about Thailand.

I should have worn a Newcastle shirt – then I bet he’d have stopped to talk. We could have commiserated about their relegation from the Premier League. Ah well, next time.


One Response to “The Prime Minister of Thailand”

  1. GB-in-TH Says:

    I wonder if people in the public eye like the PM wear stage makeup. His complexion looked too perfect.

    I remember having the same thought when I met John Young, the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard many years ago. He was the famous (in the tech community) person I met. I recall Paul Ely, the then VP of Computer Systems and the company founders, “Bill & Dave” all seemed like real people, wrinkles and all.

    Maybe it isn’t makeup: perhaps he makes regular visits to a spa.

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