Math Error in Lightroom?

I needed to create a CD label for the photos I took at the TFBO trade show today. I grabbed a GIF file of the show logo from their site.

Lightroom does not recoginze GIF files. I guess they are not ‘photographic’. But I wanted to keep the logo in Lightroom along with the photos. So I pulled it into Photoshop and saved it as a PSD file and imported that.

I got this error when I opened the file in Loupe View

An internal math error has occurred

An internal math error has occurred

I’ve never seen that before. I wonder what the problem was?

It’s interesting that Lightroom sometimes elects to inform users of errors with this kind of message box that does not need acknowledging. Lightroom uses something similar when it cannot reach an unattached disk.

They also use them for a status message like ‘I just ejected your memory card’. Maybe it would be better for them to use colour: green for information and red for errors like this.

It’s far preferable to the irritating Windows standard error message box:

Annoying Dialog Box

Annoying Dialog Box

No it’s not OK!

I wonder what went wrong with Lightroom – Photoshop?


One Response to “Math Error in Lightroom?”

  1. GB-in-TH Says:

    It’s ironic that I got a message box from Lightroom like the example a day after writing this.

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