Lightroom “Remembers” Too Much

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This is a bug in Lightroom. It deleted the folder 2009-07 when it moved the contents to another drive. (Note: Lightroom only supports MOVING a picture. It doesn’t support physical copies (as opposed to virtual copies.)

Lightroom re-created 2009-07 when I imported another picture to a sub-folder. The folder display on the left correctly shows that 2009-07 has no contents.

But Grid View shows the thumbnails. I can open each “ghost” image in Loupe View, but if I go to Develop, as soon as my mouse moves towards the Develop panels on the right Lightroom realises its error and the picture disappears. I can do this for every ghost image until the folder shows it is empty.

That’s very strange behaviour. I hope it isn’t evidence of a corrupted database.

Please let me know if you can reproduce this with Lightroom 2.4. I use a PC. Does it happen on the Mac?


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One Response to “Lightroom “Remembers” Too Much”

  1. bkkphotographer Says:

    I backed up the catalog and optimized it. The defect went away. It must be a storage reclamation defect in the database.

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