Adobe Lightroom Groups on Flickr

Flickr Logo

Flickr: Adobe Lightroom.

Flickr seems like an unlikely place to host discussion groups but there is a lot of activity here: this one has over 10,000 members. I think the groups are moderated by people from Adobe.

They say

The pool is very much a side issue to the discussion threads, but we hope you will post your best work,
edited mainly with Lightroom, and that you will include editing details on the image home page.
We ask that all images submitted to the pool include the tag – Lightroom –
(no more than four images per month please).

There’s another group called Lightroom Showcase ( for people to post their best work and yet another group on Lightroom Presets (

I’m going to join all of them and see if I can learn something. Maybe contribute something too.



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