Lightroom Convert to DNG


Sometimes I forget to select the option on import to convert my Raw files to DNG. Lightroom lets you do it later. You can choose whether to keep or delete the original Raw files.

I would like it if it would offer to back the Raw files up to my selected backup device just as if I had done it on import.

Alternatively it could stack the Raw file under the DNG in case I need it. Currently it gets orphaned in Lightroom. It remains in the file system but invisible to Lightroom.

I have not tested this but I would not be surprised if I move the directory to another drive then the CR2 files will be deleted. Lightroom seems to do a logical copy rather than a physical one (getting obscure here).

That is, I think it enumerates the files that should be in the directory in the catalog (database) then moves them one by one, updating the catalog about the file’s location as it goes. Thus files not in the directory like these Raw files will disappear when the source directory is eraased.

The same problem occurs with Video files using Jeff Friedl’s Video Asset Management Plugin. It’s too easy to lose your video files if you move a directory and forget that there are files there that Lightroom doesn’t really recognize (Jeff creates a proxy image file for each video you catalog – that moves but the video doesn’t.)

I should do some more testing here.



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