Image Selection in the Lightroom Flimstrip

Click to see a larger image

Click to see a larger image

You can have Lightroom show a Flimstrip along the bottom of your screen in every module. It shows the Selected picture or pictures and the singular Active picture.

My expectation is that it works just like selections in Grid view. But it doesn’t exactly.

I do most of my detailed keywording and setting other metadata in Loupe view in the Develop module. Many times I see that I want to apply the same keywords, title or caption to several pictures.

In Grid view if I select multiple pictures and change the metadata for the Active picture it applies to the entire selection. Great! But if I select multiple pictures in the Filmstrip in Loupe view Lightroom applies the changes I make only to the single picture shown – the Active picture.

I am sure the Lightroom team had many meetings about this and concluded that was not a desirable behaviour. I guess the thought is that Loupe View is of a single picture so a side effect is not welcome.

But it is more work to return to Grid view to make multiple updates. I think that makes more sense overall. I think they should educate users that the Filmstrip acts exactly like Grid View.

They could always make it a user configurable option.

Back in the HP NewWave days I found these user interface discussions esoteric and boring. Now I see how important they are.


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