Lightroom Import Behaviour Changed

Lightroom 2.4 has changed its behaviour when you tell it to back up imported files to an external drive and the drive isn’t on-line. In version 2.3 it raised an error before the import. Now it does the import and tells you afterwards.

Lightroom Import Results

Lightroom Import Results

I wrote a blog entry about how I found the old behaviour a bit annoying. Adobe must have heard me. I have not seen this change documented.

Sorry Adobe – this isn’t ideal either. If I forget to put my backup drive online before I do an import now the import goes ahead but I don’t have the files backed up. Since Lightroom doesn’t erase the files from the import medium (e.g. camera CF card) I can back the files up myself. But of course I am lazy and want to get on with processing the pictures so I probably won’t.

A better approach would be to put up a dialog box before the import saying something like:

Your backup drive O:\Lightroom\Import is not available. You can either put it online and press Proceed or press Continue to import without a backup.

Also – the new Import Results dialog stops Lightroom making its previews until I dismiss it. It would be better to get on with the previews in the background. Adobe ignored that part of my post.

Oh well.


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